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  2. Hello I am happy there is cryptocurrency project which have social impact especially for our furry animals Does PAWS have crowdfunding & fundraising program? If does how can we as volunteer can join? Any website or link?
  3. Hello everyone... PawsPay now available for download The PawsPay Payment Gateway for Woocommerce has now been officially released and is ready to be downloaded. You can get to the plugin from the main page by selecting Pages and pick the Woocommerce download from the menu. You can also download it directly from: https://paws.fund/pawspay You can install this plugin in any existing Woocommerce installation. It will then become an available payment option next to the existing ones like "bank transfers", "debit card payments", "credit card payment" and "paypal payments". It will work with the currencies available on coingecko. So the shop will not display prices in PAWS, but in USD, EUR, POUNDS or whatever currenct you use. The plugin will convert the amount to PAWS during checkout. I have tested the plugin myself, and both VAULT and PAWS seem to work fine. Make sure to transfer the exact amount. The simple reason for this is that it is used for matching the transaction from the explorer. This is especially important for doing transfers from an Exchange or for example from a platform like VAULT. Such platforms often have a withdrawal free, that is taken from the amount transferred before putting it on the blockchain.If the amount is not matching, it will cause the plugin not to detect the transfer and it will need manual intervention from the webshop owner to process the order. Matching on txid to avoid needing an exact amount I have considered using a txid in the order form to match the transaction exact and then allow for a variance in the amount. However, there are some issues with this, that can be exploited. One example would be, that if an address has very frequent payments (basically your webshop address), someone could make a script to detect the payments made and use those transactions IDs to inject in an order form on your webshop before the real user manages to paste it into the plugin. This would allow someone to use the txid before the actual customer buying and that way succeed in buying products without paying for it. It would also make the checkout harder to use for mobile users, that will have to type the txid in manually or mess around with copy and paste on a small screen, defeating the purpose of using the QR code. "Where to get PAWS" information on checkout! I have not forgotten about the comment that we needed to add information about where to get PAWS. However, I was not able to get it squeezed in, in this version of the plugin. You could however add it in the "Payment Description" field that can be customised in the plugin configuration screen: The issue with that is, that it is the same for all currencies enabled. If you only enabled PAWS as an acceptable currency you could add a text referring to the coingecko exchange page for example. Ideally we would need a description field for each currency so you can refer to different pages for each coin. Give it a shot guys... even if you don't have a shop install Woocommerce if you can and try it out, so you can spread the word and tell others about the experience. This is the first step in our suite of apps and plugins that will enable our community to accept payment in PAWS. Remember... if our currency is used, the demand will probably increase... and with increased demand the value will go up. An increased value of PAWS will increase the Donation Fund that is filled every minute when a block is generated on the blockchain. For those of you that find a shop that accepts PAWS wanting to give it a go, PAWS can be purchased on the following exchanges: Crypto-Bridge: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.PAWS_BRIDGE.BTC Coin Exchange https://www.coinexchange.io/market/PAWS/BTC Midex Exchange (Birake) https://dex.midas.investments/market/BIRAKE.PAWS_BIRAKE.BTC Fubt Exchange https://www.fubt.co/ And don't forget to read and clap for our article on Medium from earlier this week announcing the plugin! https://medium.com/@vaultinvestments/paws-is-entering-e-commerce-with-a-brand-new-payment-gateway-plugin-f42aca63019 Have fun everyone!
  4. Dear PAWS Community, We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to swap some PAWS for VAULT and diversify your portfolio. Many of our loyal holders have been holding due to market conditions and might like to consider swapping for VAULT which is another coin in our company. Details of Swap Offer 1000 PAWS = 10 VAULT Maximum of 3000 PAWS = 30 VAULT per account. To Participate You will need to have an account on the platform https://my.vault.investments/dashboard/ If you have already been signed up. You should see a PAWS wallet with 1 PAWS coin. (this is your wallet to deposit you PAWS coins for the swap) If you would like to swap and just signed up. Contact @J3ll3 | PAWS on Discord to have your deposit wallet enabled. This is special PAWS ice drop wallet provided for the swap and cannot be enabled by the user. Only deposit multiple of 1000 to a maximum of 3000 for swap. All VAULT will be deposited in your ice drop wallet. Some of you might already have coins in this already so this would bring you closer to the 100 coin share, which allows rewards to be withdrawn This offer will be available for a limited time only. we will give 24 hours notice prior to end of offer. By taking this offer you are also helping to reduce supply and to reach the PAWS 1 million burn target in October on our first anniversary. At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! PAWS Team
  5. Dear PAWS Community As mentioned earlier, PAWS management have met and come to a decision after Crypto-Bridge failed to make the right decision and return the funds to CHT. We believe that none of our users should lose out due to the unjust action of others. However it is not easy to instantly introduce an additional 25k PAWS into circulation. The stolen coins are in the market and out of our control. Recently over the space of 1 week, we reduced the supply on Crypto-Bridge from 56k to 29k, only to see it rise again with dumpers and others selling when demand was low. The decision we have made: CHT have now twice been victims of hackers in the space of a few months, the first time we were lucky to escape, so we will not be returning PAWS to CHT and will be asking to be delisted. All users that lost their coins will be reimbursed from PAWS company funds but this can’t be instantly. An account will be created on our platform With 25k PAWS deposited. This will be left to grow and accumulate for a maximum period of 3 months, or sooner if market conditions improve. When the time is right we will deposit the appropriate shares from the accumulated pool in accounts of all users that were affected. We realise that 3 months can be a long time but many of you are in this for the long term and we hope you are happy that we are covering your losses and protecting our current situation with this gesture. Could all users that were affected by the hack please create an account and it is strongly advised to enable 2FA and drop your details in with the number of coins that you have lost. We will verify all details to be correct before funds are sent to your accounts. We would also like to ask all of our community to help us reduce supply in circulation and do their part with us and if they can buy even small amounts of PAWS from exchanges to reduce the supply, it would be greatly appreciated. At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! PAWS Team
  6. Ice Drop Continues - 4th July Madness Dear PAWS Community, Earlier this week we dropped our first ever ice drop on all the users in the VAULT Investments platform, followed quickly after with an extra special as we rewarded our users on the VAULT.investment platform holding PAWS. 89 users each received 10 VAULT coins each! A quick reminder for everyone interested: Register an account on https://my.vault.investments and have a chance to get one of those icedrops! A reminder of how the ice drop works: This is like a long-term savings plan and frozen until it reaches 100 VAULT, or if VAULT were to come out of CRYO in 90 days. It will grow slowly naturally through accumulation of rewards with compound interest. You can also help it grow faster by depositing VAULT coins to your ice wallet. Whichever way you choose, these are your free coins from your big brother, VAULT Investments. Go check out that ice: https://my.vault.investments/dashboard/ At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! PAWS Team
  7. PAWS and VAULT - Together we are Stronger Dear PAWS Community, This is just a quick general update to let you all know that we are one family. Anytime business is being discussed and new deals are being made. PAWS are at the heart of all our discussions. PAWS is our baby, our dream and our goals will never change to create a global animal charity and brand. No one said this would be easy. No one has come forward yet, to fund us with millions of dollars and help us reach our goals any sooner. We have done everything our way with your help so far and now we will have the help of our new brother project VAULT VAULT.Investments is our business machine and it has been making great progress behind the scenes and PAWS is about to benefit from one of those discussions. We are just waiting for the details and then you will learn more. Thanks for your belief and continued support :thumbsup: At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! PAWS Team
  8. Dear PAWS Community, We would like to thank Insane Exchange for listing PAWS and the very generous offer they have made to our community and charity. For the first 2 weeks there will be no fees to our users, then after that a 0.25% fee will come into force. Insane Exchange have promised to donate 50% of all fees generated through PAWS markets to our public donation addresses. Trade here: https://insane.exchange/Exchange/Trade?pair=PAWS/Bitcoin https://insane.exchange/Exchange/Trade?pair=PAWS/InsaneCoin Checkout Insane Website: https://insane.network/ Discord: https://discord.gg/WeZgCpp At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! PAWS Team
  9. Invite bounty payments for May and June 2019 Article bounty payments for May and June 2019 Youtube bounty payments for May and June 2019 Facebook + Twitter bounty payments for May and June 2019 Leaderboard bounty payments for May and June 2019 The ones marked in read are not paid, as they received too big a payment last month. Please contact me.
  10. Hi @hakunamatata Not yet for now, if you have any question feel free to ask anything via PAWS Discord channel 👉 HERE 👈 Lets spread PAWS over the world
  11. Hello @diegobold68 The coins need to mature before they can stake. It takes 12 hours for coins to mature, once the coins mature (after 12 hours) you will need to restart the wallet for the coins to start staking If you need any help you can join PAWS Discord channel 👉 HERE 👈
  12. Hello, i have downloaded the latest version, Chow Chow of the wallet, encrypted and unblocked, perfectly synchronized, connected to 25 active network points but Staking still appears Not Active, i think this wallet should stake, what am i wrong? Any help please
  13. I have been struggling to get Masternode and staking going for this coin. My vision is to install MNs and POS for majority population in Uganda. My background in managing natural resources, and ecosystems convinced me about this relevant coin for many communities in wildlife conservation, fishing and domesticus animalia, animal sacntuaries and zoos and fishing communities plus those just interested in conservation. Five claps to Dev team for this wonderful work and vision. Finally can MNs hosting/staking using Rapebbery PI. These boxes are cheap on energy wadanya
  14. Our first charity of the month has been running since the 1st of May 2019. Mike, our dutch ambassador, was the first to find a suitable charity i the Netherlands that was interested in participating. The charity takes care of stray cats in The Netherlands and Belgium. You can read more about our fundraising here: https://charity.paws.fund For this first charity, we have limited ourselves to 3 different crypto currencies, which people can use to donate on. PAWS Fund, Inc. started the fundraising off by placing 500 PAWS in the donation address. The alternative crypto currencies we accept donations on, are for BTC and ETH. The actual amounts collected can be viewed live on the above mentioned webpage. At this halfway point, @Mike | PAWS, our PAWS Ambassador in The Netherlands and Belgium visited their catshelter in Maaseik. The shelter is called "Villa Vagebond", which is part of the organisation "Zwerfkat in nood". Upon his arrival Mike received a warm welcome by Dinti, the mascotte of Villa Vagebond and Sabine Van Der Meer, who is the driving force behind Zwerfkat in nood. Sabine gave Mike a tour and told him that Villa Vagebond was established in an old pig stable, which they have rebuild into a paradise for cats. They made several theme rooms (one is called The Jungle and another one The North pole), which are filled with scratching posts and cat toys. It is a true paradise for cats, recovering from their often unsettling experiences. Each room has a cat door to an enclosed garden, so the cats can get outside and enjoy the sun, while still protected by the shelters protective environment. Although Villa Vagebond is mostly the home for cats that need medical attention, it is clear that the cats are happy and relaxed, which shows the great care and love they receive from Sabine and the other volunteers. Housing and medical costs for these cats is very expensive and despite all the good work done by Sabine and her team, they cannot do this without donations and helping hands. At the end of Mikes tour through the shelter, he explained to Sabine what the mission and vision of PAWS is and how PAWS will support the great work they and other charity organisation do in the field. Sabine is very happy with our initiative and is honored to be selected as charity of the month for May 2019. Mike also explained, that we would be able to pay them the collected crypto currencies in EURO, but also that there were alternative options such as keeping the collected PAWS in the VAULT.Investments Platform and that way generate a passive income for the time to come. Thank you all for donating and making this possible, and thank you Mike for finding the organisation and making contact with them. We will most certainly be looking forward to your report, when the final donation is presented to them. Remember, at PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand! The PAWS Team
  15. 📣 Dear PAWS Community, Our last announcements have been short and sweet as I have been taking the advice from @FrenchRandomGuy | PAWS that no one wants or takes time to read long boring announcements. So apologies in advance as this is very long winded but please take the time to read it through. The past week has been a very trying time. The sudden pump in bitcoin has hit home, very hard on what was already a very unstable market. Most masternodes have low liquidity and PAWS is designed for this but when bitcoin pumps in price, this can send people into a frenzy to accumulate bitcoin and many will sell off anything they have including PAWS. There will be less money flowing into the masternode space. So with a combination of sell offs and less investors, soon we will start to see what we see out there now, a sea of red. @everyone The PAWS team may seem to have been more quiet than usual but this is a good thing. We have been working on deals, development and soon you will see more fruits of our labour. PAWS has always been one of the innovators in this industry. Right from the start we have managed supply with our own unique solutions. We invented the PAWS VAULT and showed how it worked, By locking away 450k of our 500k premine. We invented freezing nodes with our bounties and didn’t give away staff nodes or do airdrops We invented Peak Week, for almost 2 weeks when PAWS stayed above $1.00 and many of you took your return and profits. We invented our own way to do buybacks with the PAWS Buyback lottery We created VAULT Investments to give all PAWS holders no strings free hosting We created VAULT Investments to give all PAWS mastenode holders a means to enter the lottery without a public address We invented CRYO which is about to send shockwaves through the market with the news coming We will launch VAULT coin, with 5000 PAWS as part of the price and are aiming to take 200,000 PAWS out of circulation with just presales If we didn’t care about PAWS we would have taken only bitcoin. This should tell you enough about us and others that have launched additional projects. Don’t forget about our Charity of the month and the good it can bring to the animal world. @everyone https://charity.paws.fund/ So what about PAWS I hear you ask? PAWS team is working as best it can with the resources at hand. We are a small hard working, passionate team and very choosy on who we add. Quality over quantity every time. We are building our team of PAWS ambassadors to spread the word on the ground and already have representatives in 4 countries. We are working on our tracking tool platform and it will be hoked into the Investment platform so that all those generous investors can donate directly from their rewards. We will redo our roadmap and put more importance on developing the PAWS online store, improve our forum and after the tracking tool has been delivered, start work on our global directory. Our random lottery can happen at any minute, so remember your masternodes are your lottery ticket and it only take one to win. In the longterm we would like to add more staff and talent but this costs money and you have to stand back and look at others that have effectively bled their projects dry with their high wage structure. We will not be taking anything out of PAWS, this is our baby and what gives us personal satisfaction and pride in what we have/can achieve but if we can generate enough income from other sources, this could allow @J3ll3 | PAWS and @Jules | PAWS to work full-time, add more paid staff for PAWS and let us progress much quicker. We would like to thank all our staff and community for sticking with us and for your patience in the team as we try to deliver as fast as possible. Up until this point we have intentionally kept CRYO lowkey to give our PAWS community a chance to get in first but we can tell you that VAULT has made a huge breakthrough and will soon deliver an announcement, so it is expected to take off. So now might be a good time to consider even a 10% share and get yourself on the CRYO ladder. We would like to reassure everyone that PAWS is our beginning and our end game. Everything we do, we do it for PAWS and the global brand that we aim to deliver. You can all do your part now too, by trusting in our team and helping to ease the build up on exchanges by holding until the demand returns or buying up even small portions to take them off the exchanges. At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone PAWS Team
  16. VAULT.Investments is launching with the CRYO Program for new projects at the very heart… Let us start with a quick introduction, before we dive into VAULT.Investments and its brand new product, the CRYO Program at the core. Introduction From 2017 and also in the first few months of 2018, we saw the golden age of masternode projects, where there was a huge demand for all the various projects that were appearing. But where there’s gold and wealth there are always thieves and crooks and the masternode space got more than it’s fair share of unsavoury characters and this only has gotten worse right up to the present day. It is said that 95% of all masternode projects will fail through intended scams, or go to virtually no value, due to a number of factors. This is not exactly welcoming news to entice new investors or projects, or past “damaged” investors to inject more funds into the current “lottery” of masternode investing. To be fair, it is thought that many of these scams and exits didn’t start out in this way. But many of them are left with no choice when their dreams come crashing down around them, through no fault of their own. With all this uncertainty in the markets and the fear of failure, many will launch with an anonymous team so that if things don’t work out they can exit without leaving any trace of their identity. The new investment platform from VAULT aims to make the masternode space safer for investors and startup projects. The new feature at the core of the investment platform is called CRYO, which is derived from cryogenics — low temperature physics. It literally means that pre-sale nodes and possibly premine of new projects will be frozen for an agreed period of time during the initial stages of a new project. The VAULT.Investments Project VAULT is an investment platform for investors and startup projects. It will be a subsidiary of the PAWS Fund Holding LLC, which is the mother company for another known project PAWS.Fund, which aims to implement Animal Charity straight from the blockchain. The team behind VAULT is a strong public team, that is the driving force behind PAWS Fund, will give more confidence to investors as they know who they are dealing with and who is in charge of looking after their best interests, making this a good project. In the new Discord server for VAULT, there will be responsive support for all the day to day issues, just like investors are used to receiving on the PAWS platform. The project itself will use masternodes and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concept to power the blockchain for the platform coin VAULT. The secure platform will allow the deposit, withdrawal and storage of investor collateral with all the benefits and rewards of running your own masternodes or staking for rewards. An investment platform of this nature means that there is no maintenance of, or need to have your wallet open and connected to the internet at all times to participate in staking. All listed projects on the investment platform will operate on an instant share basis, meaning that there is no delay in waiting for a masternode to fill up before receiving rewards. You can take your collateral out at anytime or choose to reinvest for maximum effect. By placing your investments in the safe care of a proven public team, you can sit back and enjoy a hassle free passive income. The VAULT team have already been around running their own project PAWS since Q4 2018, having faced and conquered many obstacles along the way. The project support has been very responsive, even providing support to other projects behind the scenes, during the difficult times. Over the past 10-12 months, we have stood back and observed all of the eventualities that have occurred and we believe that we have identified the fundamental flaws in masternode projects. It is now time for masternode projects to join forces to put investor confidence back into the market for a fresh injection of funds. The VAULT Platform and Blockchain The VAULT coin will be the platform means of payment, for investors and for projects listing on the platform. Projects listing in the masternode hosting platform or CRYO program will pay in a combination of VAULT and PAWS. All platform fees will be paid with VAULT. The VAULT masternode, will have additional benefits and rewards. It will be our first project listed on the VAULT Platform and in the CRYO Program and give the first access to presales for the next listed project through our exclusive club for CRYO investors. The VAULT coin will also be marketed towards security and investment as a means of payment for subscriptions and products. When you hold VAULT you will be holding much more than a coin, with many planned offers and monthly benefits for loyal investors. The CRYO Program — Advantages for investors Have you ever been the victim of an exit scam in a Masternode project? Have you ever had your coins stolen by someone pretending to help you? Have you ever been involved in a promising project, only to see it destroyed by pre-sale buyers and others dumping more coins than the demand can handle? VAULT has the solution. Invest in CRYO approved projects with 3 levels of trust. All current holders of CRYO projects will get news of CRYO presales first. Investment in CRYO projects, on the VAULT investment platform, will mean that you are entering a game changing program for quality projects that are ranked by 3 levels of trust. These projects will have been put through their paces by the time they reach our platform. CRYO investors have their own exclusive club where they get to discuss business with the project’s owners before they go to presale. CRYO investors get access to presales of new projects listed on the program first. They will know what they are buying and know that their investments are protected when listed on our CRYO program. The CRYO Program — Advantages for Project owners New mastenode projects often feel they have the perfect idea and want to safeguard it against groups of unsavoury investors. Investors that are only in it for what they can get out and have no empathy towards your dream, mission and vision. The CRYO program is meant to provide a safe haven for real projects that need time to grow and mature. Rewards can still be taken from CRYO projects or reinvested but by keeping the masternodes locked for an agreed period. VAULT can offer a solution with the CRYO Program. This is intended to be a safe haven for those projects that want to work on their ideas and solutions without being sidetracked by events on the exchanges. VAULT will also be offering services to help new projects by validating their business plans, helping them design their blockchains and block rewards and we will even offer services to implement the blockchain for them including compiled wallets and a blockchain explorer. VAULT has solutions to invest in CRYO approved projects with 3 levels of trust. All current holders of CRYO projects will get news of CRYO presales first. Bronze: Basic level, listed in CRYO A project listed on the CRYO program, with no additional feature enabled, we could call a bronze level trust. An investor looking at a project like this will know that it is protected by our CRYO program at a basic level. Silver: Intermediate level, listed in CRYO, Premine frozen Additionally to being listed in our CRYO Program, enjoying basic protection against dumping of the presale nodes in the early days of the project lifecycle, we could offer to hold their premine funds and freeze them. This would be similar to how PAWS has placed their premine in a vault, which can only be unlocked by community voting. Gold: Top Level (Top Dog), listed in CRYO, Premine frozen and team verification by VAULT.Investments. An additional layer of trust could be added to the silver level, making it our gold standard, by having the project verified by VAULT. This will sent at additional signal to potential investors, that a project means real business by being verified and transparent, locking their premine for a period of time in our VAULT as well as the pre-sale masternodes being locked in our CRYO Program preventing those from being dumped on the marked in the early stages of the project. Summary VAULT.Investments is part of the PAWS Fund family of companies and projects. It operates in the investment space, as opposed to the animal charity space, with a similar ambition to improve and stabilise the environment and market it operates on. To show it is part of the PAWS family, it will provide advantages for PAWS and its investors. All PAWS nodes, regardless if the investor has also invested in VAULT, can host its masternodes free of charge on VAULT. Listing fees on the platform for new projects and CRYO Program will be charged in the new coin VAULT as well as a portion of PAWS. We hope this article has spiked your interest. Please check us out on the new platform: https://vault.investments/dashboard/ Our brand new Whitepaper containing much of the above and more can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eYIwZqs2zVxcP87zRujsukqgcDa0M0Br The PAWS Team & the VAULT Team
  17. Welcome to the PAWS Buyback Lottery Introduction In anticipation of the introduction of our new platform on the 1st of May 2019, we would like to introduce our brand new PAWS Buyback Lottery. There is nothing new about doing buybacks and subsequent burning coins. They have been around in cryptocurrency for a while and they have been popular for masternode projects that see them as a way to reduce supply and stabilise the prices on exchanges. PAWS believes that this system is flawed and will often have the opposite effect, causing supplies to be building on exchanges, so they can be listed for an easy sell. Before long all the projects reserves will be burned with no funds left to develop or buyback more coins. At PAWS we have been thinking long and hard. And we have come up with another idea. As you all know, we don't do normal at PAWS, we do things our own way. Read on, and find out what we have come up with... Buyback done the PAWS way From the day PAWS opened, we have never done things like eveybody else does. We listed on CoinMarketCap in 2 days and have been public and transparent from day 1. We put 90% of our premine into public control and we have over delivered on listings by managing our funds efficiently. We won't be burning our funds on exchange buybacks. We have always put our investors first and we will do again... Why are we so transparent? Because we believe in our project and we will continue to find OUR solution to all obstacles put in our way. We have nothing to hide and nowhere to run. We have been asked: "Will PAWS ever see $1.50 again?" Our answer to that question: When this happens, it will mean that 1 masternode worth 1000 PAWS will have a value of $1,500. Although we are not fortune tellers, WE DO KNOW WHAT WE HAVE PLANNED on 1st May and we will continue to solve problems as they arise... and will continue to do so in our own way. With all the planned deliverables, we are confident that we will be seeing PAWS at $1.50 and we envision there will be a new ATH in the near future. So let's start by putting our money where our mouth is! We will start our buyback with 2 masternodes each with a value of $1,500 On 1st May, during the unveiling of our new platform we will hold a live draw to announce the 2 winning masternodes. This is a fun way to reward our loyal holders and totally unrelated to our new platform. Further buyback lottery details will be revealed. Details about the first ever PAWS Backback Lottery! Our first Buyback Lottery will be for 2 masternodes. We will buy them back for $1,500 each, which means a total buyback value of $3,000. 1. So how do you participate in the PAWS Backback Lottery? A masternode will have to be live and in the list of active masternodes at midnight (CET) on the 29th of April 2019 (23.00 London time on 29th April 2019). 2. How will the winner be determined? We will be pulling out 2 random winners from the total list of active masternodes at midnight (CET) on the 29th of April 2019. We will publish the masternode address on our website. You will then have to contact Ian on Discord. 3. When and how will I be paid? The owners of the winning masternodes, that are to be bought back by PAWS at a price of $1,500 each, will be paid in BTC on or before the 7th of May 2019. We may give you the option of a higher value alternative, but it will be your decision to accept that offer or just receive the payment in BTC. Details about the exchange of funds will be agreed with Ian. But the fact remains, that if you are the winner, your masternode collateral which we will buy back at a greater than market value price, will be sent to our PAWS VAULT and out of circulation. Future PAWS Buyback Lotteries In case you were not a lucky winner, or even if you were one of the lucky 2 winners, after our first ever PAWS Backback Lottery is completed, we promise you that after the new platform is launched we plan to announce randomly and at short notice that additional live draws are about to begin. The PAWS Lottery will be including prizes in BTC and at other times prizes of much greater value than market rates at that time. The only requirement will be that you have a masternode running and that it is present in the list of active masternodes. Since every masternode you own effectively is a lottery ticket, it is needless to say, that the more you own and the more you have up and running, the more tickets you have in our PAWS BuyBack Lottery. And the more tickets you have, the bigger the chance to win prizes with much greater than market value prices. We would like to remind you, that everyone holding a PAWS node is donating to our charity fund through every reward. And we thank you for that. There has never been a better reason to hold onto your PAWS Masternode than now, as every active masternode functions as a lottery ticket. It's boring to be normal. We don't do normal!! And remember!! At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand.
  18. Hallo Leute! Mein Name ist Gerd. Ich bin schon seit einigen Monaten dabei und brenne für das Projekt! Gerne beantworte ich Eure Fragen zu PAWS, oder stehe Euch mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. - PAWS ist mehr als nur eine Kryptowährung - mit PAWS wird eine globale Marke geschaffen -
  19. Hey, The solution for the "Synchronisation Pending" error has now been found. Close the wallet, open the data folder of the wallet in explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and delete peers.dat and the sporks folder: One you start the wallet, it will behave like normal and synchronisation of the masternode winners will compete as usual. Let me know if that helps!
  20. I will get back to you on this... I'm testing to work out a solution to fix this.
  21. Dear PAWS Community, ⏰PAWS TO LIST ON $300 MILLION Hong Kong FUBT EXCHANGE IN 3 DAYS ⏰ We are scheduled to list on 25th February 2019. Only 3 DAYS from now 💪 https://www.fubt.com/#/NewsAndNoticeItem/283610538838065152 FUBT average: $300,000,000 daily volume and together with the listing we have a HUGE marketing deal as part of our package. Over the weeks and months we will benefit from promotion and exposure, as detailed in our listing roadmap which has been signed and sealed as part of our contract. ✅ The FUBT exchange was formally launched in November 23, 2017. It was invested and established by Hong Kong coin chain International Limited. It is a mature exchange which has achieved specialization and internationalization. Our philosophy is to provide the best quality service for the project side and provide the most secure trading environment for the customers. Has been in the global layout branch: Hong Kong, China, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Kampuchea Phnom Penh. The main technical team members have been engaged in the financial industry, the block chain development, the futures trading process development, the company structure: operation, technology, customer service, investment, financial media Full details: https://www.fubt.com/#/AboutUs We would like to thank Mr Yue, Commercial Director of Hong Kong FUBT Exchange for the opportunity to join them and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership together. 🤝 Please have a look at the contract roadmap released by FUBT!! 2019_listing_cooperation_roadmap_2_copy.pdf More details to follow soon.... At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand PAWS Team
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