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    Dear PAWS Community As mentioned earlier, PAWS management have met and come to a decision after Crypto-Bridge failed to make the right decision and return the funds to CHT. We believe that none of our users should lose out due to the unjust action of others. However it is not easy to instantly introduce an additional 25k PAWS into circulation. The stolen coins are in the market and out of our control. Recently over the space of 1 week, we reduced the supply on Crypto-Bridge from 56k to 29k, only to see it rise again with dumpers and others selling when demand was low. The decision we have made: CHT have now twice been victims of hackers in the space of a few months, the first time we were lucky to escape, so we will not be returning PAWS to CHT and will be asking to be delisted. All users that lost their coins will be reimbursed from PAWS company funds but this can’t be instantly. An account will be created on our platform With 25k PAWS deposited. This will be left to grow and accumulate for a maximum period of 3 months, or sooner if market conditions improve. When the time is right we will deposit the appropriate shares from the accumulated pool in accounts of all users that were affected. We realise that 3 months can be a long time but many of you are in this for the long term and we hope you are happy that we are covering your losses and protecting our current situation with this gesture. Could all users that were affected by the hack please create an account and it is strongly advised to enable 2FA and drop your details in with the number of coins that you have lost. We will verify all details to be correct before funds are sent to your accounts. We would also like to ask all of our community to help us reduce supply in circulation and do their part with us and if they can buy even small amounts of PAWS from exchanges to reduce the supply, it would be greatly appreciated. At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! PAWS Team
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