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  1. The results for the article bounty have been disappointing. We were counting on 30 articles, 10 high quality and 20 medium quality. We ended up with receiving only 15 articles that were worth placing in the list. The result were not articles at all or simple a list of links to our website. I will be publishing the links to the articles here, and the share in a masternode they have one. I have PAWS addresses for all the winners. Congrats to all the winners and thank you for taking the time to publish an article about us! REMEMBER that the first payout will not be before 1/1/2019 LINK TO CONTENT SHARE % https://steemit.com/airdrop/@sadikulaziz/paws-the-blockchain-based-animal-charity-platform 5 https://medium.com/@bebechai11/paws-coin-d6b2c9c67dd5 5 https://blog.goodaudience.com/paws-a-gift-from-crypto-community-to-all-animals-and-to-people-who-loves-them-2868a5f88432 5 https://steemit.com/crypto/@swcrypto/paws-up-blockchain-to-the-animal-rescue 5 https://mahfuzur773.blogspot.com/2018/11/paws-are-group-of-people-has-changed.html 5 https://medium.com/@mr.shachenok/paws-animal-charity-13a5de413c98 5 https://medium.com/@minstroy/paws-fund-will-help-animals-cddb493e6f9e 5 https://steemit.com/pawsfund/@informerbro/everything-you-need-to-know-about-paws-fund-coin-in-hindi-urdu 5 https://steemit.com/blockchain/@airdropelves/paws-fund-an-animal-charity-project-on-the-blockchain 5 https://medium.com/@leesery79/paws-funds-animal-charity-dae453b9d98d 2.5 https://medium.com/@nickojohn/paws-fund-coin-animal-lovers-charities-coin-specifications-cd02932cc48c 2.5 https://medium.com/@cook555/dear-all-f0335d603b63 2.5 https://medium.com/@tulanserghei/pawscoin-430094ed588d 2.5 https://siteall1tool.blogspot.com/2018/11/paws-about.html 2.5 https://medium.com/@andrewkan_2585/%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B3%D0%BE%D0%B4%D1%96%D0%B9%D0%BD%D1%96%D1%81%D1%82%D1%8C-%D1%82%D0%B0-%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%87%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BD-ea8271570d13 2.5
  2. The Youtube video contest did not contain enough medium and high quality videos to completely fill. 3 high quality videos were not found. I need @DKGLOBAL to get in touch with me, as I don't have a PAWS address to make the payouts to. Congrats to the winners. REMEMBER the first payout of the share masternode is on 1/1/2019. The results are as follows: Discord LINK TO CONTENT SHARE % GILLIARD #9134 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_byR-ml3VHw 10 age7397 https://youtu.be/ndx4PbK9IgU 10 DKGLOBAL https://youtu.be/dsqWPEWvhK0 5 conghuy55hk #8062 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB1374lBZKs 5 kluh1271 https://youtu.be/-2ctbr6Z4E8 5 ferinoer#5691 https://youtu.be/Sx-38FTg_3w 5 naim8562#5956 https://youtu.be/Fw5JWhUeCw8 5 HABIBSADI#9310 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmPCCzyuX-w&feature=youtu.be 5 abuzein#4464 https://youtu.be/xec_8NH8hG8 5 rfsraofaisal #4887 https://youtu.be/VbWuLVF5Wug 5 cook555 #2474 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cvYQEMfcsk 5 memon89#7303 https://youtu.be/spGxOLrdu0w 5
  3. DISCORD/TELEGRAM USERNAME POSITION SHARE % Abhiag #9039 1st 30 ryap12#5545 2nd 5 naim8562#5956 3rd 5 ajaysingal0001#5667 4th 5 age7397 5th 5 Oleg K. 6th 5 ramilvale#5257 7th 5 Hombre#5467 8th 5 hindicrypto 9th 5 memon89#7303 10th 5 gift_nanj 11th 2.5 iguessitsokay 12th 2.5 maks761 13th 2.5 Noah#2828 14th 2.5 Vyacheslav#5431 15th 2.5 cryptoprocent 16th 2.5 Law1980 17th 2.5 abuzein#4464 18th 2.5 Drokzid#8697 19th 2.5 earnincrypto #7627 20th 2.5
  4. Woof! Woof! 🗞️Dear PAWS Community, We have now added the first 4 team members to our website. With more to follow! 💪 Check Meet the Team at https://paws.fund/ We are a real team with real objectives and have nothing to hide and nowhere to run. Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone PAWS Team
  5. Woof! Woof! 🗞️ Dear PAWS Community, Today we would like to make a huge commitment to our investors and to reassure you all, that we are looking after your best interests. PAWS launched with a 500k premine and we made a promise to lock 400k in the PAWS VAULT The other 100k would be used for presales, bounties and all of our initial setup and development costs. Unlike others: We didn’t give out 10% (50k PAWS) to our team. Sorry guys ✅ We didn’t give out 5% (25k PAWS) to our community. Sorry guys ✅ We didn’t flood the markets and we have only used a small amount of PAWS to start the market but then stood back and let our investors sell their rewards to recoup their investments. ✅ We managed our PAWS and paid out for most things in bitcoin where possible to keep the supply low. 💪 Today as a result of all those measures, we can now move 50k PAWS to the PAWS VAULT 🏆 This will remain untouched and can only be used with our investors and community approval. 🤝 Likely use cases could be Top 50 exchange listings or other major expenses such as funding for PAWS to debit card/flat Join us in making PAWS a long term investment and together we can do great things and make a huge impact in the entire animal world! At PAWS we are not just building another crypto project, we are building a global brand 👍 Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone PAWS Team
  6. Dear PAWS Community, We have just received news from @Ade | Apollon from Apollon that PAWS will be added to their new soon to be released RYON product. 💪 @Ade said: You can contact @Ade | Apollon directly from the list of Service providers on the right of our discord server, for more details. Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone PAWS Team
  7. Dear PAWS Community, We have received a message from the team at https://www.21cryptos.com/ on my Linkedin with a copy of their latest magazine. This month they have featured some “Coins to Watch” and you would never guess who just popped up in there. 💪 More surprisingly who we are sharing the page with. One of @Ian favourite coins over the past 2 years. Look out for more updates soon... The PAWS Team
  8. Dear PAWS Community, PAWS is now live on BitHostLive!! https://www.bithostlive.com/coin_list "BitHostlive"* One click MN setup with 25$ credit and 6.5$/mo only" That is almost 4 MONTHS of FREE hosting with your $25 credit for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! 🔥: When you host with BitHostLive your PAWS stay safe in your own wallet. There is no transfer of coins at anytime to enable your masternode 💪 You can find @Felix Clin | BitHostLive on the right side of our Discord server under Service Providers or drop into Third Party Services on the left Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone PAWS Team
  9. Dear PAWS Community, First I would like us all to thank 🤝 @Linekiller28 | PAWS George for another PAWSome piece of work. He has kept the same theme perfectly, that he delivered in our website and I’m sure the whitepaper is going to be worth waiting for. ⏰ The time has come for everyone to know where PAWS is going next. PAWS is no ordinary masternode project and in 2019 we will deliver the products and services we have always promised. 🐾 Our new PAWS roadmap V1 is live: https://github.com/pawsfund/PAWS-WhitePaper/blob/master/PAWS_Roadmap_Eng.pdf Thanks to all our investors for their patience and believing in us. Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone PAWS Team
  10. Hello and good morning everyone... I hope you all slept well and are ready to get through the last day before the weekend. I guess some of you are almost ready for weekend while others are not yet awake 💤 I felt like witing an update to you all, after @ian#4786 provided a regular-update to us all on Discord. I have taken some interesting points from his update, and added some of my own. THE FUTURE On Discord in #regular-updates you can find a recap of things that have happened for us at PAWS and some random sneak peaks of what we are working on. Obviously the big item is the tracker tool that is being developed and will hopefully start to see the light of day somewhere in the first half of next year. The tool will be the basis for realizing our prime objective, which is providing donations to animal charities. It will be tracking the donations and will allow our users and investors to pick a charity and leave them a couple or a whole lot of PAWS. It will also be used, to allocate funds from the DONATION FUND to specific destinations, which is recharged via the blockchain every minute when a block reward is generated. I am looking forward to testing and afterwards using this service as out first product. A key point in this system is, that YES we will be recharging the wallet directly from the blockchain, but the money has to come from somewhere. The donations straight from the blockchain will come by giving PAWS value. And we give PAWS value by making it a currency that is in demand because people want to use and spend it on services and features that we will be providing. So, by using our currency and our services, you will be donating for animal charity, without the need for use to ask you for a donation. What is not to like? Another feature mentioned by @ian#4786 that we are looking at is the possibility to use your PAWS to pay for items in the real world by using your credit card. This will make it very easy, for people to invest in PAWS and use the passive income generated directly in shops, instead of having to convert to BTC and from BTC to your local currency. Things like that, if only mentioned as a teaser at the moment, do make me excited as it will add real use to our crypto currency and pull us out of the dark crypto space and connect us straight with every day life where people need to buy food and cloths. Of course, it is early days, but just that fact that talks are positive make the future look bright. PANDA BOT I would like to share some small tips with regards to the panda bot. This weekend I will be working on the website and the forum and it is here I would like to add guides and tips. The panda bot which we added a few weeks ago is a very useful bot for many. It basically is a hosted wallet that is always on, that you can control via discord. The only down side is that fact that it is not you or us that controls the funds, but we have to rely on Panda to take good care of our PAWS, which is no different from a bank. With the panda bot you can be staking 24/7 without having your PC switched on all the time and you can use it as a fixed deposit address as the address allocated to your user will very seldom change. If it does, we will be informed. You can also control the wallet via discord via your mobile, which is an advantage over the desktop wallet. The staking algorithm is controlled by Panda, and you will need to pay a fee for using the staking feature, but you don't have to worry about power and power outages or making sure you have tuned your outputs so staking is optimized. You can also give/pay other people PAWS using the !tip command and you can hand PAWS out to random people using !rain and various types of soaking. Finally... if you want to know the current status of our coin, you can write $info in #paws-staking and it will tell you the current price, masternodes and blockheight. BLOCK REWARDS I would like to remind you all what the block reward scheme looks like. You can find it on Discord on #paws-coin-specs and soon I will have added it on the forum. Basically we have an increase of the blockreward on a weekly basis the coming months, to compensate our early investors while the number of masternodes is increasing. We have grown quite a bit this week and currently have close to 130 masternodes. More masternodes mean more mouths to feed, and therefor the pie we are supplying need to be bigger so everyone can roughly get the same amount even with more to share. We are currently in phase 7, which means 4 PAWS will be paid every time a block is generated. 2.8 PAWS will go to the masternode that won that round, 0.40 will go to someone staking and the PAWS Operation Fund and Donation Fund will each get 0.40 PAWS every time a block is generated. This will peak in about 10 weeks time, when it will slowly start to decrease to avoid (hyper) inflation as seen with many other coins. WEBSITE Hopefully I will be able to update the website this weekend. I'm looking to add a team page and possibly a contact form so it will be easier for people that are not discord or telegram savvy to get in touch with us. We are here to stay and have no hidden agenda. More and more people are looking for genuine projects after having experienced a bad investment in one way or the other. I am no exception myself, and appreciate people looking for facts about the people behind a project... I will notify you all when I have made changes I would like you all to check out. FORUM As I mentioned, I will be looking for adding content to the forum in the form of information and guides and tips. Not only for using the wallet, installing masternodes, using the panda bot, but maybe also what crypto is. What you can use it for and why you might want to get involved. We want to get in touch with people that are not living in crypto space. We want to get in touch with people that live in the real world and use the internet as a means to get information or buy items for their pets and animals. The forum will be the ideal place for those that do not know what Discord is, and those that use Discord every day and can use their Discord account to login to the forum and interact with those that don't use Discord. The forum is also a better place to store information, as the formatting will be much nicer than on Discord and we don't have to worry that useful information keep scrolling off the screen which means we have to repeat that information lots of times. FINALLY Not sure I can do all the things I want to this weekend. But I will make a start and see how far I get. It is my intention to complete it before Christmas, and hopefully, the Whitepaper will be delivered by that time as well. That's it for now folks... speak to your soon on Discord. Have a nice weekend! Greetings J3ll3 | PAWS
  11. Dear PAWS Community, PAWS has now been added to Staking Live brought to us by StakeShare.io Stake Share is a new upcoming project with a full transparent public team. You can find more details: Website : http://www.stakeshare.io/ Staking Live : https://staking.live/invit/signup?iad=jules Discord : https://discord.gg/ZJJnWdS Look out for more updates soon.. . PAWS Team
  12. Woof! Woof! Dear PAWS Community, An article has just been published which will outline some of the problems in the traditional charity system that PAWS is aiming to help fix. There is far too much fraud and misuse of public funds. This is why you need to use blockchain technology like PAWS to ensure your money goes to those who need it. https://cryptoshib.com/blockchain-charities-paws/ Look out for more updates soon.. PAWS Team
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    Thanks KiraP... we are working hard on and behind the scenes to make this happen 🙂 Your support and kind words are much appreciated.
  14. Thank you all for your kind works.
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    tell me

    Hey Chikazy, You would like to know how PAWS.Fund works? Or how the bounty works? The mission of PAWS is to provide animals with the basic necessities for a happy and healthy life, including love and care. At first, the vision of PAWS was primarily focused on care and support for dogs and cats, but progressively extended outwards to wildlife and also endangered wildlife. The PAWS project gives us personal satisfaction as pet owners or as having grown up with pets around us. Our pets have been an important part of our families and we would now like to give something back as appreciation for everything we have gained and learned from this unconditional love. PAWS has chosen to create a cryptocurrency, as it is one of the best modern methods for instantaneous transactions and minimal transaction fees. We feel that this allows for contributors and donors to be able to have more of their donations directly support the cause or campaign to their choosing, rather than getting gouged by third party service fees. Utilizing blockchain technology allows for transactions to be more easily tracked on an open, public ledger. Now, everyone can see exactly how much funding or resources are sent, received, and where they go. PAWS utilizes masternodes as a way of validating transactions on the blockchain. This not only provides a more safe and accurate way to verify data, but also creates a faster network. Members are able to set up a masternode(s) and contribute to the network. In return, they receive rewards that are paid in PAWS. The blockchain is generating value for our donation funds, which we will use to support charity organisations helping animals and pets and their owners when needed. We have also plans, to provide services like a directory to find anything you might needs to your pets near you, as well as for example a shop where you can find all you need to your pets. The possibilities are endless, while we are generating value for animal charity straight from the blockchain. Any questions, let us know, we are happy to answer any queries your might have.
  16. Hej guys, You can participate in our bounty here: https://paws.bjammerboy.io/ The last possibility for joining is 2/12/2018. *** The bounty is finished - results wille be published in week 50 ***
  17. PAWS Masternode Setup Guide (Ubuntu 16.04) This guide will assist you in setting up a PAWS Masternode on a Linux Server running Ubuntu 16.04. (Use at your own risk). The setup script used in this guide will do the bulk of the work. If you require further assistance contact the support team @ Discord or ask questions here on the forum in the support section. Requirements for this guide 1000 PAWS coins A VPS running Linux Ubuntu 16.04. The guide assumes the use of Vultr, but any cloud server running Ubuntu 16.04 will do A local wallet. It doesn't matter if you use a Windows, Mac OS X or Linux wallet, just as long as you use the latest version An SSH client such as Bitvise, Putty or any other ssh client such at the build in client in Mac OS X or Linux Contents Section A1: Creating the VPS within Vultr. Section A2: Creating the VPS with Hetnzer. (TODO) Section B1: Downloading and installing Bitvise. Section B2: Downloading and using Putty, no installation is required. (TODO) Section C: Connecting to the VPS and installing the MN script via Bitvise or Putty. Section D: Preparing the local wallet. Section E: Connecting & Starting the masternode. Section A: Creating the VPS within Vultr Step 1 Register at Vultr Step 2 After you have added funds to your account go here to create your Server Step 3 Choose a server location (preferably somewhere close to you) Step 4 Choose a server type: Ubuntu 16.04. It is important that you choose this distribution and not for example Ubuntu 18.04. The masternode installation script will work on Ubuntu 16.04. You should not be worried that Ubuntu 16.04 is too old... it is the LTS version of Ubuntu and supported and updated until somewhere in 2019. An updated script will be provided, when it is end of life. Step 5 Choose a server size: $5/mo will be fine Step 6 Set a Server Hostname & Label (name it whatever you want) Step 7 Click "Deploy now" After this step, your virtual server will be deployed and started. This might take a couple of minutes. Section B1: Downloading and installing BitVise. Step 1 Download Bitvise from here Step 2 Select the correct installer depending upon your operating system. Then follow the install instructions. Section C : Connecting to the VPS & Installing the MN script via Bitvise or Putty. Step 1 Copy your VPS IP (you can find this by going to the server tab within Vultr and clicking on your server. ) Step 2 Open the bitvise application and fill in the "Hostname" box with the IP of your VPS then click "Open" Step 3 Once you have clicked open it will open a security alert (click yes). Step 4 Type "root" as the login/username then press enter Step 5 Copy the root password from the VULTR server page. Step 6 Paste the password into the Bitvise terminal by right clicking (it will not show the password so just press enter) Step 7 Paste the code below into the Bitvise terminal then press enter (it will just go to a new line) wget -q https://github.com/pawsfund/PAWS-Core/raw/master/paws_install.sh Step 8 Followed by the following command to execute the script: bash paws_install.sh Step 9 Sit back and wait for the install (this will take a couple of minutes). You will see the screen update as below, and is perfectly normal: Step 10 When prompted to enter your Gen key you can do 2 things. Either you press enter and have the script generate a key for the masternode for you, which you can use in the masternode.conf file of your local wallet. Or you enter the key you have prepared for the masternode in your local wallet. It depends if you have prepared the masternode.conf file in the local wallet before creating the masternode, or if you are creating the masternode first and they complete the configuration in the local wallet. This guide will assume you have not generated a key in the local wallet for this mastermode. Your should PRESS ENTER. Step 11 Once the script completes, you will now see all of the relevant information for your server. Keep this terminal open as we will need the info for the wallet setup. Section D : Preparing the Local wallet You should not install your PAWS wallet that will be containing the coins. The masternode will never contain PAWS and therefore your PAWS will not be compromised when your masternode is breached. The local wallet, as we call the wallet that will contain the coins, will have to be installed in a well protected place. I recommend installing it on a computer that you don't use for every day use. A computer that is used for accessing the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and for installing programs you find on the Internet might become compromised with malware that target crypto wallets installed on that computer. The wallet can also be shutdown and uninstalled after the masternode is started to increase security, as long as you have a backup of the wallet.dat file containing all the important information about your wallet. Step 1 You should now download and install the wallet for your operating system. We have GUI wallets for Mac OS X as well as Windows. You might have to pay attention if you have a 64 or a 32 bit Windows. The Linux version is unfortunately only available in the command line version. The windows version can be made to work on Linux via Wine. Download the wallets from here: PAWS Wallet - Windows 64 bits PAWS Wallet - Windows 32 bits PAWS Wallet - Mac OS X PAWS Wallet - Linux (command line only Step 2 Send EXACTLY 1000 PAWS to a receive address within your wallet. Step 3 Create a text document to temporarily store information that you will need. step 4 Go to the Debug Console within the wallet. You do so by choosing Tools from the top menu, followed by Debug Console: Step 5 Type the command below and press enter masternode outputs Step 6 Copy the long key (this is your transaction ID) and the 0 or 1 at the end (this is your output index) Paste these into the text document you created earlier as you will need them in the next step. Section E: Connecting & Starting the masternode Step 1 Go to the tools menu item within the wallet and click "Open Masternode Configuration File" as shown below: Step 2 It will open a text editor with the masternode.conf file. There is an example line shown starting with #. At the bottom add a new line for your new masternode. The file should contain a line for each masternode you operate. For Alias type something like "PAWS_MN01" don't use spaces The Address is the IP and port of your server (this will be in the Bitvise terminal that you still have open); make sure the port is set to 34120. The Genkey is your masternode Gen key output (this is also in the Bitvise terminal that you have open). The TxHash is the transaction ID/long key that you copied to the text file and comes from the output of "masternode outputs" from step 6 in section D. The Output Index is the 0 or 1 that you copied to your text file and comes from the output of "masternode outputs" from step 6 in section D. It should look like this, where x.x.x.x is the public IP address of your masternode followed by the 34120: PAWS_MN01 x.x.x.x:34120 7i5S8We5d7E2WRVTyizNX1ytjEf5iR5ChbyT4dp6399G2ZW6zjF f96bb531c80617c1214c248aad6d0ac1ad6b1e6081627864b164be7048dc5dc3 0 It is followed by the genkey seen in the screenshot in Section C step 11 (Marked as MASTERNODE GENKEY). The final 2 pieces are the outputs from Section D, step 5. Click "File Save". Step 3 Close the wallet and reopen the wallet and choose the masternodes tab as shown below. Click start all. step 4 Check the status of your masternode within the VPS (the masternode we created in the first steps) by using the command below: paws-cli masternode status You should see status 4 If you do, congratulations! You have now setup a masternode. If you do not, please contact support and they will assist you.
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    Hey Dada, We have a blockchain indeed. It have been running since the 24th of October.
  19. Hey dinhanhuy, The invite bounty for Discord has finished. The winners will received their first payout on 1/12/2018. The bounty for facebook, twitter and the leaderboards is still ongoing. The first payment will be on 1/1/2019. Remember that we don't hand out PAWS or masternodes to our winners, but shares in a masternode, ensuring a percentage of the rewards of a masternode in the future. Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.
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    Paws wallet

    Hej Nickolaj, Welcome to the PAWS community. Let me help you find the wallet. On our webpage, https://paws.fund/, you can find a link to our wallets in the top right corner. Here you will find all the wallets that we have available. We have a 32 bits and a 64 bits Windows wallet. The 64 bits wallet can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/pawsfund/PAWS-Core/releases/download/v1.0.0.0/paws- And the 32 bits wallet for older windows versions can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/pawsfund/PAWS-Core/releases/download/v1.0.0.0/paws- Let me know if there is anything else we can assist you with.
  21. Hej all, This is the first post in a series of how to use the PAWS coin wallet. This is the wallet for Windows and Mac OS X. Once it is installed and running, you can obtain an address with the following steps: 1. Click Receive on the left side. 2. Then click Request payment 3. Copy Address After that, you have a new address for your wallet in the clipboard which you can past anywhere you want to receive a payment.
  22. Hej guys, Please post suggestions with regards to the project or the forum in this section. We are always looking for ways to improve our platforms. In this section we are not looking for suggestions for other projects and airdrops.
  23. Welcome all to the the support forum where all questions about and with regards to the PAWS Masternode can be dropped and where answers will be supplied by staff or other community members. The masternodes are the backbone of any crypto currency based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The masternodes secure the blockchain and provide services to the network. The software is basically the same as the wallet software, but it runs in a special mode. Anyone is allowed to operate a masternode, provided that the operator has a certain amount of collateral in his or her wallet. Please make sure that you use proper language when addressing one other and keep a good tone. No question is too dumb and remember at all times that we are here to help each other. If you have a problem, then try and find the answer on the forum before asking the question. This might be quicker in many cases, as others might have experienced similar problems and answers are possibly already available on the forum. Now I'd like to invite you all to dig in and ask for help if the answer cannot be found... it won't be long before we are with you. Try to describe your problem as detailed as possible. Copy and paste error messages or even screenshots if at all possible. That way we can quickly determine what the problem is and solve it even quicker.
  24. 1. No advertising/spam (subject relative to the forums) 2. No negative, hateful, disrespectful comments 3. Do not post or share private information publicly These are the main three rules and very simple to follow. We want this server to be solely for PAWSand PAWS-related subjects. PAWS community is for people to come receive help and give help to others to work together to achieve our goals. *PAWS Community is not responsible for any decisions you make. We are not a financial advice group, nor do we give financial advice. You are responsible for all of your own decisions and please remember to only invest what you can afford to lose. Thank you! Please only trust information and updates from staff members. Never send any of your personal account information, wallet addresses, or funds to anyone. If you ever have any doubt, please verify with the Official PAWS Team. Under no circumstances should you post your private information in the public forums (this means your name, public address, private keys, etc.). Always protect yourself and please inform other members of these rules and guidelines, in case they violate them or are unaware. We are doing our best to look out for everyone and would appreciate for everyone to take care of each other and let's grow together. Thank you!
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