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PawsPay now available for download

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Hello everyone...

PawsPay now available for download
The PawsPay Payment Gateway for Woocommerce has now been officially released and is ready to be downloaded. You can get to the plugin from the main page by selecting Pages and pick the Woocommerce download from the menu. You can also download it directly from:



You can install this plugin in any existing Woocommerce installation. It will then become an available payment option next to the existing ones like "bank transfers", "debit card payments", "credit card payment" and "paypal payments". It will work with the currencies available on coingecko. So the shop will not display prices in PAWS, but in USD, EUR, POUNDS or whatever currenct you use. The plugin will convert the amount to PAWS during checkout.


I have tested the plugin myself, and both VAULT and PAWS seem to work fine. Make sure to transfer the exact amount. The simple reason for this is that it is used for matching the transaction from the explorer. This is especially important for doing transfers from an Exchange or for example from a platform like VAULT. Such platforms often have a withdrawal free, that is taken from the amount transferred before putting it on the blockchain.If the amount is not matching, it will cause the plugin not to detect the transfer and it will need manual intervention from the webshop owner to process the order.

Matching on txid to avoid needing an exact amount
I have considered using a txid in the order form to match the transaction exact and then allow for a variance in the amount. However, there are some issues with this, that can be exploited. One example would be, that if an address has very frequent payments (basically your webshop address), someone could make a script to detect the payments made and use those transactions IDs to inject in an order form on your webshop before the real user manages to paste it into the plugin. This would allow someone to use the txid before the actual customer buying and that way succeed in buying products without paying for it. It would also make the checkout harder to use for mobile users, that will have to type the txid in manually or mess around with copy and paste on a small screen, defeating the purpose of using the QR code.

"Where to get PAWS" information on checkout!
I have not forgotten about the comment that we needed to add information about where to get PAWS. However, I was not able to get it squeezed in, in this version of the plugin. You could however add it in the "Payment Description" field that can be customised in the plugin configuration screen:


The issue with that is, that it is the same for all currencies enabled. If you only enabled PAWS as an acceptable currency you could add a text referring to the coingecko exchange page for example. Ideally we would need a description field for each currency so you can refer to different pages for each coin.

Give it a shot guys... even if you don't have a shop install Woocommerce if you can and try it out, so you can spread the word and tell others about the experience. This is the first step in our suite of apps and plugins that will enable our community to accept payment in PAWS.
Remember... if our currency is used, the demand will probably increase... and with increased demand the value will go up. An increased value of PAWS will increase the Donation Fund that is filled every minute when a block is generated on the blockchain.

For those of you that find a shop that accepts PAWS wanting to give it a go, PAWS can be purchased on the following exchanges:


Coin Exchange

Midex Exchange (Birake)

Fubt Exchange

And don't forget to read and clap for our article on Medium from earlier this week announcing the plugin!

Have fun everyone!


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