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Ice Drop Continues - 4th July Madness

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Ice Drop Continues - 4th July Madness

Dear PAWS Community,

Earlier this week we dropped our first ever ice drop on all the users in the VAULT Investments platform, followed quickly after with an extra special as we rewarded our users on the VAULT.investment platform holding PAWS.

89 users each received 10 VAULT coins each!

A quick reminder for everyone interested: Register an account on https://my.vault.investments and have a chance to get one of those icedrops!

A reminder of how the ice drop works:
This is like a long-term savings plan and frozen until it reaches 100 VAULT, or if VAULT were to come out of CRYO in 90 days. 

It will grow slowly naturally through accumulation of rewards with compound interest.
You can also help it grow faster by depositing VAULT coins to your ice wallet.

Whichever way you choose, these are your free coins from your big brother, VAULT Investments.

Go check out that ice: https://my.vault.investments/dashboard/

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand! 

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