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Welcome to the wallet support forum

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Welcome all to the the support forum where all questions about and with regards to the PAWS Wallet can be dropped and where answers will be supplied by staff or other community members. The wallet is a piece of software that runs on your computer and that will hold the digital cryptocurrency PAWS that will be needed to buy stuff in the PAWS.Fund ecosystem.

Please make sure that you use proper language when addressing one other and keep a good tone. No question is too dumb and remember at all times that we are here to help each other. If you have a question, then try and find the answer on the forum before asking the question. This might be quicker in some cases, as others might have experienced similar problems and answers are possibly already available on the forum.

Now I'd like to invite you all to start asking questions about the wallet... it won't be long before we are with you. Try to describe your problem as detailed as possible. Copy and paste error messages or even screenshots if at all possible. That way we can quickly determine what the problem is and solve it even quicker.

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