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PAWS will be added to Apollon RYON!!

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Dear PAWS Community,

We have just received news from @Ade | Apollon  from Apollon that PAWS will be added to their new soon to be released RYON product. 💪

@Ade said:


The way the platform works is we launch nodes on a VPS via a customers VPS account via their API.

This allows us to bring down the cost of our service significantly and we will be running two promos upon launch of the product. Prices below:

Release Promotional Pricing:

Weeks 1 and 2 - Setup fee is free. Monthly service fee for one year - $0.79 / node

Weeks 3 to 6 - Setup fee - $1.99 / node. Monthly service fee for one year - $0.99 / node

Ongoing Pricing: Setup fee - $2.99 / node. Monthly service fee - $1.29 / node

Monthly service fee includes NodeGuard automated masternode updates, VPS-local masternode monitoring and Zendesk support.

Planned release date (subject to change): December 31st, 2018

When you add on the cost of the VPS and a customer runs, for example, 5 nodes on a $10 VPS you can see the benefits for your community to use the Apollon RYON service.

We will be producing videos and guides on how to use the new service before launch.


You can contact @Ade | Apollon  directly from the list of Service providers on the right of our discord server, for more details.

Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone


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