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PAWS renewed financial commitment!!

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Woof! Woof!

🗞️ Dear PAWS Community,

Today we would like to make a huge commitment to our investors and to reassure you all, that we are looking after your best interests.

PAWS launched with a 500k premine and we made a promise to lock 400k in the PAWS VAULT

The other 100k would be used for presales, bounties and all of our initial setup and development costs.

Unlike others:

We didn’t give out 10% (50k PAWS) to our team. Sorry guys ✅

We didn’t give out 5% (25k PAWS) to our community. Sorry guys ✅

We didn’t flood the markets and we have only used a small amount of PAWS to start the market but then stood back and let our investors sell their rewards to recoup their investments. ✅

We managed our PAWS and paid out for most things in bitcoin where possible to keep the supply low. 💪

Today as a result of all those measures, we can now move 50k PAWS to the PAWS VAULT 🏆

This will remain untouched and can only be used with our investors and community approval. 🤝

Likely use cases could be Top 50 exchange listings or other major expenses such as funding for PAWS to debit card/flat

Join us in making PAWS a long term investment and together we can do great things and make a huge impact in the entire animal world!

At PAWS we are not just building another crypto project, we are building a global brand 👍

Look out for more updates soon.. @everyone


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