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PAWS Bounty Leaderboard Results

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Abhiag #9039 1st 30
ryap12#5545 2nd 5
naim8562#5956 3rd 5
ajaysingal0001#5667 4th 5
age7397 5th 5
Oleg K. 6th 5
ramilvale#5257 7th 5
Hombre#5467 8th 5
hindicrypto 9th 5
memon89#7303 10th 5
gift_nanj 11th 2.5
iguessitsokay 12th 2.5
maks761 13th 2.5
Noah#2828 14th 2.5
Vyacheslav#5431 15th 2.5
cryptoprocent 16th 2.5
Law1980 17th 2.5
abuzein#4464 18th 2.5
Drokzid#8697 19th 2.5
earnincrypto #7627 20th 2.5

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