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PAWS coin supply update

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At PAWS we have done our best to design the currency specifications in a way that would, in our vision, minimise the inflation issues that many others have faced, allowing us to work on the products instead of having to worry about loss of value. We know all of you to believe in our project and hold on to your coins, but the specifications have also contributed to it.

Looking at http://chain.paws.fund/#/coin, you will see that we have a current coin supply of 720000 PAWS. As @ian | PAWS announced last week, we have placed 450000 PAWS of the original premine of 500000 in our VAULT (http://chain.paws.fund/#/top). It is pretty amazing, that we have basically kept our premine almost intact, instead of flooding it onto the market to cover our expenses.

At the moment we have 170000 PAWS locked in collateral, as we have 170 masternodes. This means that 170000 + 450000 = 620000 PAWS are currently locked, which leaves about 100000 PAWS (roughly 14%) available for trading on the market.

It is probably one of the factors, along with good investors that believe in the project, that we can still offer our investors an ok price on the exchanges. I hope, for all our sakes, that it will stay this way until we can deliver on our goals and visions.

Thanks for your continued support!
The PAWS Team

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