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1. No advertising/spam (subject relative to the forums)
2. No negative, hateful, disrespectful comments 
3. Do not post or share private information publicly

These are the main three rules and very simple to follow. We want this server to be solely for PAWSand PAWS-related subjects.  PAWS community is for people to come receive help and give help to others to work together to achieve our goals.

*PAWS Community is not responsible for any decisions you make. We are not a financial advice group, nor do we give financial advice. You are responsible for all of your own decisions and please remember to only invest what you can afford to lose. Thank you!

Please only trust information and updates from staff members. Never send any of your personal account information, wallet addresses, or funds to anyone. If you ever have any doubt, please verify with the Official PAWS Team. Under no circumstances should you post your private information in the public forums (this means your name, public address, private keys, etc.). Always protect yourself and please inform other members of these rules and guidelines, in case they violate them or are unaware. We are doing our best to look out for everyone and would appreciate for everyone to take care of each other and let's grow together. Thank you!

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