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Upgrading the Windows wallet

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The following instructions apply to updating the Windows wallet.

  1. Visit our website on https://paws.fund
  2. Click on "Wallets" in the top right corner as shown

  3. You will then land on the github repository with our new wallets.

  4. Pick the relevant wallet. At the time of this writing there was a linux "none graphical" wallet available and the GUI wallet for 64-bit Windows, which mostly applies to Windows 10 users. A Mac OS X wallet and 32-bit Windows wallet will be added as soon as possible
  5. Most people will want to install the wallet on their PC, and in that case I recommend using "paws-". The other file, without "setup" only contains the executables and will not create shortcuts in the Start menu.

    During installation, your Anti virus program might reject the new wallet. The wallet does not contain a virus, it is mere a file that the Anti Virus programs don't recognise yet. Please disable antivirus when installing and then add an exception for the wallet after it is installed. Then enable the anti virus program again. This will get better over time, as the Anti Virus programs update their databases.
  6. Before you start the new wallet, make sure you make a copy of the wallet.dat file, just to be sure. The wallet.dat file can be found in this location if you used the standard location for the data directory. Simply open an explorer window in Windows and paste the following in the pathfinder field right in the top:


    Like this:


    It should take you straight to the right directory.
  7. While you are in that directory, please remove the following directories and files:


    Simply select them in the explorer and delete them. Do not touch any other files. See below screenshot:

  8. Now install the new wallet, by double clicking on the file you just downloaded from github in step 4 and wait for that to finish.
  9. Once you start the new wallet, you will know it has updates if the spash screen says:

    v1.2.0.0 Chow Chow
  10. Because we deleted the blockchain database in step 7 it should connect to the network straight away. It will have to download all the blocks from the blockchain. This will take time for some of you. 

    You will have to let it complete the blockchain download, before shutting down the wallet. Your balance will start as 0 PAWS, but when the blockchain is downloaded, your balance should be reflecting your current balance.


Unfortunately, I have yet to see a wallet update that goes completely without problems for every single member of the community. If your run into the situation, that it will sit there for saying that there is no source to download from, we might have to add IP addresses to the confirmation file, to tell it where to collect the blockchain. It should be able to figure that out by itself, but we have experienced that this does not happen.

In that case, you can do the following:

  1. Open the wallet, if not already open, and go into the following menus... Tools - Open Wallet Configuration File like shown below:

  2. It should open a notedpad with an empty file. If you have already something in there, then that is ok. If you see some lines starting with addnode you should replace them with the below lines. If there is nothing there, then simply paste the below lines in the notepad window:

  3. Now choose File - Save and close the notepad window.
  4. Close the wallet, and wait for it to shutdown properly (this you should always do).
  5. Now start the wallet again... it should connect to a source straight way. Again... let it fully sync for your balance to reflect the correct value.

If you have any issues, please contacts us here in the forum or on Discord.

The PAWS Team

Edited by J3ll3
Updated with Chow Chow version

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