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The new Whitepaper for our sister project: VAULT Investments

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VAULT.Investments is launching with the CRYO Program for new projects at the very heart…


Let us start with a quick introduction, before we dive into VAULT.Investments and its brand new product, the CRYO Program at the core.

From 2017 and also in the first few months of 2018, we saw the golden age of masternode projects, where there was a huge demand for all the various projects that were appearing. But where there’s gold and wealth there are always thieves and crooks and the masternode space got more than it’s fair share of unsavoury characters and this only has gotten worse right up to the present day.

It is said that 95% of all masternode projects will fail through intended scams, or go to virtually no value, due to a number of factors. This is not exactly welcoming news to entice new investors or projects, or past “damaged” investors to inject more funds into the current “lottery” of masternode investing.

To be fair, it is thought that many of these scams and exits didn’t start out in this way. But many of them are left with no choice when their dreams come crashing down around them, through no fault of their own. With all this uncertainty in the markets and the fear of failure, many will launch with an anonymous team so that if things don’t work out they can exit without leaving any trace of their identity.

The new investment platform from VAULT aims to make the masternode space safer for investors and startup projects. The new feature at the core of the investment platform is called CRYO, which is derived from cryogenics — low temperature physics. It literally means that pre-sale nodes and possibly premine of new projects will be frozen for an agreed period of time during the initial stages of a new project.

The VAULT.Investments Project
VAULT is an investment platform for investors and startup projects. It will be a subsidiary of the PAWS Fund Holding LLC, which is the mother company for another known project PAWS.Fund, which aims to implement Animal Charity straight from the blockchain. 
The team behind VAULT is a strong public team, that is the driving force behind PAWS Fund, will give more confidence to investors as they know who they are dealing with and who is in charge of looking after their best interests, making this a good project. In the new Discord server for VAULT, there will be responsive support for all the day to day issues, just like investors are used to receiving on the PAWS platform.

The project itself will use masternodes and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concept to power the blockchain for the platform coin VAULT. The secure platform will allow the deposit, withdrawal and storage of investor collateral with all the benefits and rewards of running your own masternodes or staking for rewards. An investment platform of this nature means that there is no maintenance of, or need to have your wallet open and connected to the internet at all times to participate in staking.

All listed projects on the investment platform will operate on an instant share basis, meaning that there is no delay in waiting for a masternode to fill up before receiving rewards. You can take your collateral out at anytime or choose to reinvest for maximum effect. By placing your investments in the safe care of a proven public team, you can sit back and enjoy a hassle free passive income. The VAULT team have already been around running their own project PAWS since Q4 2018, having faced and conquered many obstacles along the way. The project support has been very responsive, even providing support to other projects behind the scenes, during the difficult times.
Over the past 10-12 months, we have stood back and observed all of the eventualities that have occurred and we believe that we have identified the fundamental flaws in masternode projects. It is now time for masternode projects to join forces to put investor confidence back into the market for a fresh injection of funds.

The VAULT Platform and Blockchain
The VAULT coin will be the platform means of payment, for investors and for projects listing on the platform. Projects listing in the masternode hosting platform or CRYO program will pay in a combination of VAULT and PAWS. All platform fees will be paid with VAULT. 
The VAULT masternode, will have additional benefits and rewards. It will be our first project listed on the VAULT Platform and in the CRYO Program and give the first access to presales for the next listed project through our exclusive club for CRYO investors.

The VAULT coin will also be marketed towards security and investment as a means of payment for subscriptions and products. When you hold VAULT you will be holding much more than a coin, with many planned offers and monthly benefits for loyal investors.

The CRYO Program — Advantages for investors
Have you ever been the victim of an exit scam in a Masternode project? Have you ever had your coins stolen by someone pretending to help you? Have you ever been involved in a promising project, only to see it destroyed by pre-sale buyers and others dumping more coins than the demand can handle?

VAULT has the solution. Invest in CRYO approved projects with 3 levels of trust. All current holders of CRYO projects will get news of CRYO presales first.

Investment in CRYO projects, on the VAULT investment platform, will mean that you are entering a game changing program for quality projects that are ranked by 3 levels of trust. These projects will have been put through their paces by the time they reach our platform. CRYO investors have their own exclusive club where they get to discuss business with the project’s owners before they go to presale. CRYO investors get access to presales of new projects listed on the program first. They will know what they are buying and know that their investments are protected when listed on our CRYO program.

The CRYO Program — Advantages for Project owners
New mastenode projects often feel they have the perfect idea and want to safeguard it against groups of unsavoury investors. Investors that are only in it for what they can get out and have no empathy towards your dream, mission and vision. The CRYO program is meant to provide a safe haven for real projects that need time to grow and mature. Rewards can still be taken from CRYO projects or reinvested but by keeping the masternodes locked for an agreed period.

VAULT can offer a solution with the CRYO Program. This is intended to be a safe haven for those projects that want to work on their ideas and solutions without being sidetracked by events on the exchanges. VAULT will also be offering services to help new projects by validating their business plans, helping them design their blockchains and block rewards and we will even offer services to implement the blockchain for them including compiled wallets and a blockchain explorer.

VAULT has solutions to invest in CRYO approved projects with 3 levels of trust. All current holders of CRYO projects will get news of CRYO presales first.

Bronze: Basic level, listed in CRYO A project listed on the CRYO program, with no additional feature enabled, we could call a bronze level trust. An investor looking at a project like this will know that it is protected by our CRYO program at a basic level.

Silver: Intermediate level, listed in CRYO, Premine frozen Additionally to being listed in our CRYO Program, enjoying basic protection against dumping of the presale nodes in the early days of the project lifecycle, we could offer to hold their premine funds and freeze them. This would be similar to how PAWS has placed their premine in a vault, which can only be unlocked by community voting.

Gold: Top Level (Top Dog), listed in CRYO, Premine frozen and team verification by VAULT.Investments. An additional layer of trust could be added to the silver level, making it our gold standard, by having the project verified by VAULT. This will sent at additional signal to potential investors, that a project means real business by being verified and transparent, locking their premine for a period of time in our VAULT as well as the pre-sale masternodes being locked in our CRYO Program preventing those from being dumped on the marked in the early stages of the project.

VAULT.Investments is part of the PAWS Fund family of companies and projects. It operates in the investment space, as opposed to the animal charity space, with a similar ambition to improve and stabilise the environment and market it operates on.

To show it is part of the PAWS family, it will provide advantages for PAWS and its investors. All PAWS nodes, regardless if the investor has also invested in VAULT, can host its masternodes free of charge on VAULT.

Listing fees on the platform for new projects and CRYO Program will be charged in the new coin VAULT as well as a portion of PAWS.

We hope this article has spiked your interest. Please check us out on the new platform:


Our brand new Whitepaper containing much of the above and more can be found here:


The PAWS Team & the VAULT Team


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