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A progress update from the PAWS Team! - 15 May 2019

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📣 Dear PAWS Community, 

Our last announcements have been short and sweet as I have been taking the advice from @FrenchRandomGuy | PAWS  that no one wants or takes time to read long boring announcements. So apologies in advance as this is very long winded but please take the time to read it through.

The past week has been a very trying time. The sudden pump in bitcoin has hit home, very hard on what was already a very unstable market. 

Most masternodes have low liquidity and PAWS is designed for this but when bitcoin pumps in price, this can send people into a frenzy to accumulate bitcoin and many will sell off anything they have including PAWS. There will be less money flowing into the masternode space. So with a combination of sell offs and less investors, soon we will start to see what we see out there now, a sea of red. @everyone 

The PAWS team may seem to have been more quiet than usual but this is a good thing. 

We have been working on deals, development and soon you will see more fruits of our labour.

PAWS has always been one of the innovators in this industry. Right from the start we have managed supply with our own unique solutions. 

  • We invented the PAWS VAULT and showed how it worked, By locking away 450k of our 500k premine.
  • We invented freezing nodes with our bounties and didn’t give away staff nodes or do airdrops
  • We invented Peak Week, for almost 2 weeks when PAWS stayed above $1.00 and many of you took your return and profits.
  • We invented our own way to do buybacks with the PAWS Buyback lottery
  • We created VAULT Investments to give all PAWS holders no strings free hosting 
  • We created VAULT Investments to give all PAWS mastenode holders a means to enter the lottery without a public address 
  • We invented CRYO which is about to send shockwaves through the market with the news coming
  • We will launch VAULT coin, with 5000 PAWS as part of the price and are aiming to take 200,000 PAWS out of circulation with just presales
  • If we didn’t care about PAWS we would have taken only bitcoin. This should tell you enough about us and others that have launched additional projects.

Don’t forget about our Charity of the month and the good it can bring to the animal world. @everyone 


So what about PAWS I hear you ask?

PAWS team is working as best it can with the resources at hand.

We are a small hard working, passionate team and very choosy on who we add. Quality over quantity every time.
We are building our team of PAWS ambassadors to spread the word on the ground and already have representatives in 4 countries.
We are working on our tracking tool platform and it will be hoked into the Investment platform so that all those generous investors can donate directly from their rewards.
We will redo our roadmap and put more importance on developing the PAWS online store, improve our forum and after the tracking tool has been delivered, start work on our global directory.

Our random lottery can happen at any minute, so remember your masternodes are your lottery ticket and it only take one to win.

In the longterm we would like to add more staff and talent but this costs money and you have to stand back and look at others that have effectively bled their projects dry with their high wage structure.
We will not be taking anything out of PAWS, this is our baby and what gives us personal satisfaction and pride in what we have/can achieve but if we can generate enough income from other sources, this could allow @J3ll3 | PAWS  and @Jules | PAWS  to work full-time, add more paid staff for PAWS and let us progress much quicker.

We would like to thank all our staff and community for sticking with us and for your patience in the team as we try to deliver as fast as possible.

Up until this point we have intentionally kept CRYO lowkey to give our PAWS community a chance to get in first but we can tell you that VAULT has made a huge breakthrough and will soon deliver an announcement, so it is expected to take off. 

So now might be a good time to consider even a 10% share and get yourself on the CRYO ladder.

We would like to reassure everyone that PAWS is our beginning and our end game. Everything we do, we do it for PAWS and the global brand that we aim to deliver.

You can all do your part now too, by trusting in our team and helping to ease the build up on exchanges by holding until the demand returns or buying up even small portions to take them off the exchanges.

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand  @everyone

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