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Our first charity of the month has been running since the 1st of May 2019.

Mike, our dutch ambassador, was the first to find a suitable charity i the Netherlands that was interested in participating. The charity takes care of stray cats in The Netherlands and Belgium. You can read more about our fundraising here:


For this first charity, we have limited ourselves to 3 different crypto currencies, which people can use to donate on. PAWS Fund, Inc. started the fundraising off by placing 500 PAWS in the donation address. The alternative crypto currencies we accept donations on, are for BTC and ETH. The actual amounts collected can be viewed live on the above mentioned webpage.


At this halfway point, @Mike | PAWS, our PAWS Ambassador in The Netherlands and Belgium visited their catshelter in Maaseik. The shelter is called "Villa Vagebond", which is part of the organisation "Zwerfkat in nood".


Upon his arrival Mike received a warm welcome by Dinti, the mascotte of Villa Vagebond and Sabine Van Der Meer, who is the driving force behind Zwerfkat in nood. Sabine gave Mike a tour and told him that Villa Vagebond was established in an old pig stable, which they have rebuild into a paradise for cats. They made several theme rooms (one is called The Jungle and another one The North pole), which are filled with scratching posts and cat toys. It is a true paradise for cats, recovering from their often unsettling experiences. Each room has a cat door to an enclosed garden, so the cats can get outside and enjoy the sun, while still protected by the shelters protective environment.


Although Villa Vagebond is mostly the home for cats that need medical attention, it is clear that the cats are happy and relaxed, which shows the great care and love they receive from Sabine and the other volunteers.

Housing and medical costs for these cats is very expensive and despite all the good work done by Sabine and her team, they cannot do this without donations and helping hands. At the end of Mikes tour through the shelter, he explained to Sabine what the mission and vision of PAWS is and how PAWS will support the great work they and other charity organisation do in the field. Sabine is very happy with our initiative and is honored to be selected as charity of the month for May 2019.


Mike also explained, that we would be able to pay them the collected crypto currencies in EURO, but also that there were alternative options such as keeping the collected PAWS in the VAULT.Investments Platform and that way generate a passive income for the time to come.

Thank you all for donating and making this possible, and thank you Mike for finding the organisation and making contact with them. We will most certainly be looking forward to your report, when the final donation is presented to them.

Remember, at PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand!

The PAWS Team



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